Combining every day of the Internet, really you connect to the server of your provider. It was there Your requests are directed to the appropriate places in the network, the servers of the service provider passes all your network traffic. When you download photos from the Internet or enter on Facebook, all the data that must be sent and received by your computer, laptop, tablet or phone go first by one place.

Practically anyone who manages to capture them, can read what and where you are downloading, what documents you send over the network with whom you come into contact, in which online stores what goods you order and how much you pay.Any person with access to the internet marketing and the right tools and knowledge - not only your provider, but also other people who use the internet - you can know about virtually everything. In what bank you have an account, how often do you leave to stay and where you spend the most vacation.

Meanwhile VPN makes all your communication is for all those people practically invisible .Before you connect to any page on the network, first you connect to your VPN server. First, you create a secure and encrypted connection - a tunnel through which you download and send content on the web. The only thing that will be visible on the outside of the tunnel is that you use it. And nothing more. Even your ISP will not be able to anything more than it is about you know.

How to assemble such a connection?

Today we do not need to have special knowledge to be able to use the private network VPN. There are already solutions and services that enable anyone who wants to use them, create and configure the secure network. Surely you can find a VPN that will meet your needs. That is why we have prepared zestaiwenie TOP 5 best VPN.

Free VPN for a month.

With a good offer two of the best companies can test the VPS for free for a whole month. Such options offer us two platforms: ExpressVPN and HideMyAss

1. Safety.

You work in a trip on important corporate documents. You end an important report that you send to the headquarters of the home office. You do not want someone may read the data. And if they do not secure, virtually everyone who has the right tools (for it is a matter of more tools than knowledge or skills) will be able to capture it and use it. VPN will allow you to comfortably and safely to work remotely regardless of the place in which they currently reside.

Also, remember that network security is not only the safety of the documents. Even keeping track of how and where to send e-mails may be too much to tell you about your competitors. VPN can effectively be avoided.

2. Privacy.

Not only your corporate data is exposed in the course of transmission by network. By sending videos you do not want to inform the world that right now you are not at home. The more you do not want to show the world your equipment audiophile or brag about unauthorized people from that to which school or kindergarten of your child. And from the pictures you take your family and closest you can read much, much more.

You do not want too sure anyone to have access to your mail, read your e-mails, or even check in which online stores you shop and how much your wife a month spends on shoes.

You may not be aware of it, but today virtually everything you do online leaves a trail, and someone certainly uses- In the best case in order to sell you something. VPN make such tracking your activity becomes virtually impossible.

3. Using open Wi-Fi network

Often using the public Internet, with restaurants, cafes, on the train or at the airport? You do not know who can in this situation try to capture all your communications. You never have a guarantee that no unauthorized person has no ability to influence the configuration of the network, through which, after passing all sent and retrieved data you. Only through the use of VPN you are sure that no unauthorized person will not be able to read what you send by the communal network.

4. Secure network in a hotel or guest house.

Just like at the airport, or in any other place, also in the hotel, room or guest house where you stop anyone who will use the same network (not to mention your host) will have many opportunities to capture your correspondence or other data on which security should depend on you. In these situations VPN is really an invaluable tool.

5. Free VPN for a month.

With a good offer two of the best companies can test the VPS for free for a whole month. Such options offer us two platforms: ExpressVPN and HideMyAss . It is worth a try and evaluate how VPN met our requirements.

6. Bypassing the lock region.

You can have a subscription service offering access to multimedia content and you will want during the trip to watch sporting events broadcast by example. Platform NETFFLIX , or FACEBOOK. Abroad may be that simply do not have access to it, because these contents are only available for users of the country.

Using the VPN server located in Poland will be able to even abroad freely use their purchased services - for its suppliers will behave as if you connect to it from the country. Similarly behave all national services such as VOD - without a properly configured VPN does not look abroad movies and limited regional blockade.

7. Access to the corporate network during business trips.

You are outside the company, "in the field", and you need to have constant access to the corporate network? Are you doing some research or analysis, or you need to send to the control panel some documents? Having configured corporate VPN, you can even directly from your phone to print on the company's equipment, which is a few hundred kilometers from you. The whole assembly can thus conveniently and easily operate and communicate with each other and to the office, regardless of where in the time points of all members .

8. Access to the home network during the trips.

Similarly, if you want to have permanent and unrestricted contact with their home network. VPN in such a situation will give you access to all network resources, regardless of how far away from home just to find. This is a very convenient solution, especially if you travel frequently